Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla
Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla
Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla
Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla

Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla

Dreamscape Soap- Lavender and Vanilla

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Dreamscape by Ma'at 42: A Tranquil Journey in a Bar

Embark on a serene voyage to relaxation and spiritual awakening with Dreamscape, the latest creation from the mystical realms of Ma'at 42. Crafted with a harmonious blend of Mango, Shea, and Cocoa butter, this soap transcends the ordinary cleansing experience into a nurturing ritual for both the skin and soul. 

Scented with Lavender and Vanilla.  Tranquil scent to float you off to sleep.

Inspired by the tranquil hues of a twilight sky, Dreamscape boasts a mesmerizing bi-color design with soothing blue moon and warm cream sun. This visual allure invites you to a peaceful slumber, blending the calming essence of the night with the nurturing warmth of the day.

Luxurious Natural Ingredients: At the heart of Dreamscape lies a potent mix of the finest butters known for their hydrating properties. Mango butter offers a burst of moisture, Shea butter envelops your skin in a protective barrier, while Cocoa butter softens and smooths, ensuring your skin is lavishly pampered.

Ethical and Pure: Committed to upholding the sanctity of all living beings, Dreamscape is a testament to Ma'at 42's ethos. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, promising a product not tested on animals but designed for the compassionate soul.

Uncompromising Quality: Enriched with a high amount of glycerin for maximum hydration, Dreamscape ensures your skin remains supple and moisturized. Free from parabens, GMOs, and crafted with ease-of-melt in mind, it is a pure, skin-loving delight.

Ingredients for a Radiant Spirit: Beyond its skin benefits, Dreamscape is imbued with spiritual essence. Its ingredients like water for purity, glycerin for protection, and sacred butters connect you to nature's healing power, promoting spiritual growth and development.

Immerse in Ma'at 42's World: Dreamscape is not just a soap; it's an invitation to the enchanted world of Ma'at 42, where spiritual growth and personal development are nurtured. A realm where magic and wonder converge, offering a sanctuary for the soul.

A Token of Transformation: Let Dreamscape be your nightly ritual, a moment to unwind and reconnect with your inner self. Each lather is a step closer to balance, peace, and enlightenment—a true dreamscape for the seeker in you.

Dive into the dream. Let Dreamscape by Ma'at 42 guide you to a restful slumber, wrapped in the embrace of nature's most nurturing butters and the promise of a brighter, spiritual tomorrow.

🌙 Dreamscape by Ma'at 42 - Where your skin's dreams and your soul's journey meet. 🌞

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