White Sage with Pink Flowers

White Sage with Pink Flowers

White Sage with Pink Flowers

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Immerse yourself in the purity and serenity of 4" White Sage with Pink Flowers. This exquisite bundle of sage carries the power to cleanse your energy and unveil a clear path, while simultaneously opening the tender petals of your heart chakra and soothing your restless mind.

Smudging is an ancient Native American practice used for centuries to cleanse negative energy and promote healing. Our smudge stick is handcrafted with carefully selected herbs, each with its own unique properties to assist you in achieving physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

To use, light the smudge stick until it catches fire, then gently blow it out. Move the stick in counter-clockwise motions around your space or over your body, allowing the smoke to remove any negative energy or darkness. You can even visualize the smoke bringing in positive energy and light.

Allow the ethereal essence of White Sage with Pink Flowers to envelop you, creating a sacred space for self-reflection and rejuvenation. Surrender to its gentle embrace and let it guide you on a journey of clarity and tranquility, where the whispers of your soul find solace and the burdens of the mind dissipate.


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