Leo New Moon 2022

Jul 27, 2022

We welcome a gorgeous New Moon in Leo this week…and it begs the question: what do you LIVE for?






DATE: Thursday, July 28th



The current astrology is especially STICKY. There are some beautiful astrological aspects, and some pretty difficult moments. The New Moon, specifically though, is hopeful and abundant.

New Moons are a moment of manifestation and especially in Leo, it’s about committing to new ways to embrace our best selves. This New Moon makes an expansive connection with Jupiter, so not only will we be ready to see ourselves in a sort of “golden hour” type light, we’ll also be learning a lot about what beliefs define our human experience.


Those with personal planets between 2° and 8° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will feel this lunation most intensely. 

It’s also smart to make note of the corresponding Leo Full Moon that will happen on February 5th, 2023 as a sort of “deadline” or commitment to yourself. Around that time, you’ll likely be reaching a culmination point of whatever you’re trying to manifest right now (check out which house "Leo" rules in your birth chart to find a few hints). 


Again, despite the feel good vibes of this New Moon, it’s coinciding with some other more difficult astrological transits. There are likely to be some big surprises in store, especially by the very end of the month and beginning of August. 


Let this New Moon be a silver lining in a potentially turbulent moment by checking in with Leo’s ruler, the heart. Despite any difficult circumstances, the heart always knows what it wants. Find a few moments of quiet and listen to what it has to share. Whatever whispers you hear are your personal, authentic truths- and they should always be celebrated!


The best ritual for this New Moon in Leo? Honoring your heart's desires with authentic action.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

When was the last time you treated yourself?

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Why?


If you’re familiar with your birth chart, we recommend reading your rising sign mantra. Many astrologer’s (including ours!) write horoscopes based on the rising, or ascendant sign, because it allows them to determine the houses of the chart; knowing the houses informs where the energy will be experienced in your life. If you’re not sure what your rising sign is, book a reading with us and just read your sun sign this time! 

Aries: I will forget about the competition and create for creativity's sake.

Taurus: I will loosen my grip and express myself openly and vulnerably to my family. 

Gemini: I will stop second-guessing my gumption and share theatrical stories with my friends.

Cancer: I will release conformity in the workplace and instead discover creative revenue streams. 

Leo: I will love my body no matter what and will commit to embracing it in a fun new way.

Virgo: I will let myself "check out" once in a while and pay more attention to my dreams. 

Libra: I will resist the urge to crowd-source before I declare what I believe. 

Scorpio: I will stop playing it cool and decidedly pursue my most public desires.

Sagittarius: I will make time to transport myself, even if it's metaphorically for now.

Capricorn: I will reimagine the endings happening around me by embracing the silver linings. 

Aquarius: I will honor my partnerships as mirrors and appreciate my partner's unique qualities. 

Pisces: I will show up in my daily, waking life as exuberantly as I do in my dreams.