One Tree Planted



Together, We're Planting Roots for a Greener Tomorrow

Ma'at 42 is proud to announce a new partnership with One Tree Planted, aimed at making a positive impact on our planet's future. This collaboration focuses on reforestation and environmental sustainability efforts across the globe. Through this partnership, we're committed to planting trees for every product sold/transaction made, contributing to a healthier planet and supporting biodiversity.

"By joining forces with One Tree Planted, we're not just committing to a greener future but are also aligning our company's mission with the urgent need for environmental conservation. This partnership embodies our dedication to sustainability and our planet," said Niece Curry, SheEO, Ma'at 42.


Our Green Initiative

Our partnership with One Tree Planted is more than a commitment; it's a call to action. We aim to:

  • Plant Trees for Every Sale: With each purchase from Ma'at 42, a tree will be planted in areas in dire need of reforestation.
  • Engage with Communities: This initiative not only helps the environment but also supports local communities and economies around the world.
  • Promote Biodiversity: Restoring forests is a step toward protecting our planet's biodiversity, providing habitats for countless species.
  • Educate and Involve: We're excited to engage our customers, clients, and employees in our sustainability efforts, offering more ways to get involved and make a difference.


Why Trees?

Trees are the lungs of our Earth. They play a crucial role in combating climate change, supporting ecosystems, and providing livelihoods. We are giving back to the Earth that provides so much to us.

Our sustainability journey has been enriched by initiatives like this, reflecting our core values and commitment to the planet.

Get Involved

Join us in making a difference. Each order purchased a tree is planted.  Thanks for doing your part!! SHOP NOW

About One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. Their efforts contribute to nature, people, and wildlife, supporting a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity, and helping reforestation efforts worldwide. Learn more at