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    Orignal Goddess Luna Box is designed for you in mind.

    It is time for you to start creating the life you most desire. The Orginal Goddess Luna Box is designed for you to harness the powers of the moon cycle to reset your intentions.

    This box is designed for beginners to experienced Goddesses.  This is a goodie and learning box.  Packed with so much information and knowledge.  You can truly tap into your Goddess energy!!

    Monthly you will receive 8 or more items

    Zodiac Dreams Tea is an artisanal tea formulated to assist with aligning the associated chakra.

    Monthly Moon Rituals: You will receive tools for rituals for each new and full moon during the month.

    Monthly Journal: Chakra Alignments, Herbs, Recipies, astrology, puzzles, and more.

    Altar items: Sound Bowls, candles, Crystals, smudges

    SNACKS!!! of course!! "healthy".. well sometimes

    Crystals that align with the moon, chakra, and zodiac.

    In the box will be crystals, jewelry, affirmations, journals, aromatherapy, and other items to support you on your Orginal Goddess journey.

    It's time for your to take a time out for yourself. Self-care, manifesting and resetting with the cycles of the moon. You will be happier and healthier than ever before. We affirm this for you

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